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The "Break" - Week 1 Highlights

The first installment of "What I Did on my Summer Vacation."

May 16, 2013

Probably the biggest highlight for me thus far was that I read a book. Create Dangerously, to be exact. I think in needed some inspiration as to why I write, in fact why anyone would write. More than anything, I wish I could spend the summer just reading.

But that's not going to happen.


It's made the rounds on Twitter and elsewhere, but if you haven't read these yet, please do. It's on MOOCs and the for-profit sector of higher education. Or you could watch the talk that took place at UC Irvine. Just do it. It's worth the time.


This popped up at me when I was trying to get onto the A.V. Club. I usually skip these annoying things as soon as I can, but for whatever reason I stayed and watched. It's a movie about student loan dept. Actually, it's a horror movie about student loan dept made by some pretty big names in the movie business (ok, some pretty big names in the indy movie business). It's sufficiently creepy and I think it captures the fear the new graduates are facing with growing student loan debt loads.

And maybe some PhDs, too (ahem).

I'm heartened that Hollywood (or a least some small segment of it) has taken notice, and maybe (hopefully) having a small, artfully done movie will bring this issue to the attention of more people. I also hope that more people will be willing to talk about how dept has impacted their (young or not-so-young) lives. There is so much shame attached to debt, in particular the dismissive, "well, you should have KNOWN better" response to these "horror" stories. It's not going away and it is impacting students from all backgrouns (albeit unevenly).

What do you think of the movie?


This Thursday and Friday, I've been attending the Kentucky Innovations conference. You may have read here on IHE a while back about how Kentucky was ahead of the curse, so to speak, when it came to implementing the Common Core Standards in both the K-12 system, but also in higher education. The Kentucky Innovations conference is, in part, a way to help us integrate technology in our teaching practices. You can read my (no holds barred) thoughts on the the first day here.

Hey, if they wanted me to blog, they should have expected this.

Part of it is that I've been thinking about a lot of these issues for a while now, as well as reading what really, really smart people who I admire and respect (and some that I don't) have to say about them. I also forget that most professors aren't as immersed in Twitter and thus the larger goings-on in higher education as I am. You want to talk about MOOCs? Dude, I'm friends with some of the people who INVENTED MOOCs.


Tomorrow I am once again going to be talking about the value of tweeting and blogging for developing professional communities. I have the zeal of a convert. You can see the storify of our resources here. My colleague Deanna Mascle will be talking about classroom communities using google+, too. Hoping to have an enthusiastic bunch and we can play with the tools to really learn how to use them.


One last thing: THATCamp Kentucky is coming up! Sign up! Tell your friends!


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