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Calling All Academic Bloggers!

We want all the academic blogs. Add yours to the list.


June 24, 2013

I’ve been mulling an idea for a while now.

How can I find new academic blogs to follow?

But the recent impetus came because of the webinar I’m preparing on Academic Blogging. I created a resource of Academic Bloggers on Blogging and was amazed at the number of great blogs out there that I didn’t know existed. But really, how can we? The number of academics blogging increases as the stigma attached to the practice is gradually erased.

And it’s not like I want to follow and read every single academic blog out there, but it would be nice to provide a easy-to-search resource that allows for fellow academics (and, hey, the media!) to find people who blog on subject areas they are interested in. The sciences have done a much better job of aggregating blogs (see Science Seeker for example), as have the Digital Humanities (DHNow). We haven’t done nearly as good a job in the other disciplines.

So I floated the idea on Twitter of creating a such a resource, and thanks to Alexander Fink (who created the form), Kris Shaffer (who is installing the PressForward aggregator to his blog), and Melanie Schlosser (who researched best practice for terminology and categories) we have a the Academic Blog Project. I’ve embedded the form below, but you can also share the link using bit.ly/AcBlogProj if that’s easier to remember.

We want to create a resource that can be shared, forked, and, above all, be useful.

If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments, like categories you’d like to see. Don’t be shy; share your blog, your favorite blog, and share the link as extensively as you can. We’ll make the spreadsheet public and I’ll be sharing the results more fully as they come in.

Spread the word. The Academic Blog Project has begun.



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