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Happy Birthday!

College Ready Writing (IHE Edition) is now one year old.

October 23, 2012


On October 25th, 2011, I wrote my first CRW blog posts here for IHE. One year and 124 posts (give or take) later, here I am, still writing. Some of you may have come here to read about my thoughts on Big Tent Digital Humanities, but I’m exhausted, I have a sick kick, and it’s been a rough day. So, in honor of my year here at IHE, here are some highlights.

The following are my top-five posts. My top post, I should say, has probably received more hits than anything I have ever written, put together:

1.     Bad Female Academic: Green-Eyed Monster

2.     Calling all Academics: April 2 as the Day for Higher Ed

3.     Why Bother? Thoughts from an “Old” PhD

4.     “Momma, I Need You”

5.     Guest Post: The Inferiority of Blackness as a Subject

The five most-commented posts (excluding the posts mentioned above):

1.     Now You See It: Gamification of FYC?

2.     Take Back Higher Education

3.     Taking Action for Contingent Faculty

4.     The Time is Now: Report for the New Faculty Majority Summit

5.     “Or Related Discipline…”: Who Gets to Teach, Who Gets on the Tenure-Track

I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities because of my blogging here. I’ve made many new friends (virtually and in-real-life). Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. Here’s to many more years. 


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