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Summer "Vacation" Time

It's summer in academia. Doesn't meant we get to take much time off. 

May 14, 2012

It’s over. The grades are in. I’m done with this semester, finally. I really thought it wouldn’t end. Seriously.

I apologize to my readers for my sloppy, sloppy post last Friday. As I mentioned in the comments, waiting until I was dead-tired from grading before writing the post is a recipe for a really ugly post, grammar-wise. Even for me (Motto: If it doesn’t have at least three typos, I didn’t write it!).

I think I might go to a twice-a-week blogging schedule this summer. Because, you know what summer vacations mean for academics…

I am currently revising my dissertation for publication (and judging by the pile of books on my desk, my brain is plotting to re-write it without telling me), then off to Congress in Canada (where I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends from my PhD program), then DHSI back in Canada again, then THATCamp Prime, then to visit my in-laws for a few weeks. While all of that is going on, I’ll be prepping my new online class in Canadian Literature (whether or not it makes, I’m going to do it anyway), working on my Digital Humanities project, and completely re-imagining my ENG 100 class to better incorporate digital tools, but also more support for my students.

I’m exhausted just writing about all of this.

Last time I said I was going to drop down to a two-a-week schedule on my old blog, I ended up posting three or more times a week for the rest of the semester, so I’m not sure how this will work out. Seeing as how I have about 5 things going on at once in my brain, blogging has always been a way to quiet a few of the extraneous issues that tend to creep into my thoughts when I need to be focused on something else. I also want to read more books this summer, so maybe I’ll be posting little book reports here. Last summer, I did the Bad Female Academic series, and while nothing has really inspired me, there’s still time.

The Internet in my office is acting weird, which is a sign that I should just go home and take a breath. It might be a while before I get to take another one for a while.


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