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Friday Fragments

Zoom, the word of the year and channeling Wednesday Addams.

March 27, 2020

Zoom has been much easier, and more popular, than I expected. But it drains a laptop battery with a vengeance. Word to the wise: keep a charger handy.


I’ll admit I didn’t expect it, but the success of Zoom has led some faculty to ask about teaching synchronous online courses with it. It offers the possibility of going live and interactive without being on campus.

We’re looking at it. One of the issues is naming. I don’t think that “synchronous/asynchronous” passes the accessibility test for many students. If “traditional online” (!) classes are asynchronous, what name best fits synchronous online classes?


Until about a month ago, I thought the word of the year would be “existential.” Now it’s “exponential.” Not a big fan of either …


The Girl is the family introvert. We managed to cajole her into walking the dog with us on Thursday. At one point, the conversation turned to the frustrations of the stay-home order. TW and I talked about things we miss doing and places we miss going.

The Girl countered that she’s looking forward to the quarantine lifting so we’ll get out of the house and she can have it to herself again.

She has a Wednesday Addams streak that surfaces from time to time. I get a kick out of it, but it can be a bit jarring on a sunny day, walking the dog.


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