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Friday Fragments

UIUC, hashtags and women as presidents.

August 13, 2015

Tim Burke has a characteristically thoughtful piece about Phyllis Wise, UIUC, and expectations of administrators generally.  Well worth the read.


The Girl was trying to set up voicemail on her phone.  She was flummoxed by the prompt asking her to press the pound sign.

TG: What’s a pound sign?

Me; The tic-tac-toe board.

TG: (blank stare)

Me: The hashtag.

TG: (brightly) Oh!


The Mother-in-Law is a lovely woman, but very traditional. She, The Girl, and I had a conversation last week:

MIL: It’s nice that the President gave you some time to move.

Me; Yes, she’s been very supportive.

MIL: She? So you have a lady president?

(Turning to TG) Me: Yes, women can be college presidents.

TG: Dad, women can be REAL presidents!

My work here is done.  

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