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The Girl Discovers the Transitive Property
June 14, 2012 - 8:38pm

Earlier this week, The Boy’s baseball season ended, and the team went out for ice cream. The Girl and I had been at the game, so we went, too. While the team took over the inside booths and did the things that sugared-up eleven year old boys do, TG and I stood in line by the outside window to get our cones.

While we waited, a girl in front of us in line -- who knew TG -- offered her advice on what to order. I’ll call her Other Girl.

Other Girl: You should be careful what you order. A medium here is like a large, and a large is like an extra large. You should get a small, because it’s like a medium.

TG: A small is like a medium?

OG: Yeah, and a medium like a large.

TG (deadpan): So if a small is like a medium, and a medium is like a large, and a large is like an extra large, then a small is like an extra large.

The other girl looked perplexed. I smiled and told TG she had a good point.  

After discovering the transitive property, she proceeded to make short work of a small cone that really was like an extra large, and then to arm wrestle -- successfully -- the younger brother of one of the players.

World, you have been warned. The Girl may be small, but in her way, she is like an extra large.


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