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As longtime readers know, one of my favorite New Jersey sentences is “you catch the Dinky by the Wawa.” Grown people say that. (The Dinky is a train in Princeton; Wawa is a convenience store.) I smile every single time I hear it.

This week, courtesy of my wife, I have a new one. Referring to our hosting plans this week: “We’re hosting a Hoo and a Hokie.”

That sounds like '70s drug slang, but it isn’t (or isn’t only). UVA students are Hoos, and Virginia Tech students are Hokies. TB is bringing his friend from Tech to stay with us.

So we’re hosting a Hoo and a Hokie.

The blog will return after the holiday weekend. Best wishes to all of my wise and worldly readers, including Hoos, Hokies and Dinky riders, wherever they may be.

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