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Planning for Fall

A question for my wise and worldly readers.

March 3, 2021

This one is really an open question.

Registration for the fall starts in midspring; for us, it’s in two weeks. That means we need to make decisions -- even if only provisional ones -- about the fall now. And it means thinking through what it might take to change those plans as the semester draws closer. (We’re hoping to have a relatively robust in-person presence this fall, though we’ll keep some synchronous remote classes as well as asynchronous online ones.) The possibility exists that we might have to -- sorry to break out this word again -- pivot if the pandemic isn’t under control by then.

Obviously, there’s no foolproof way of knowing now where we’ll be with the pandemic in August. At this point, some level of uncertainty is a sign of honesty. But it’s fair for folks to ask about the criteria that a given college will use as the next few months unfold when deciding whether to pivot.

So assuming that it makes sense to make criteria public, what would you include?

I’ll stipulate that of course, mandates from the governor could override any decision we would make. That’s a given. But assuming some level of local decision-making authority, what criteria would you suggest a college use?

I’d love to see your responses on Twitter (@deandad) or via email (deandad at gmail dot com).



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