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In Which The Boy Discovers the Sociology of Medicine in America

Forty hours a week, unpaid?

May 3, 2021

A conversation we had this weekend:

Me: What happened with that internship you applied for?

TB: They wanted 40 hours over the summer.

Me: That’s not so bad. What’s that -- four hours a week? You could swing that.

TB: No, 40 hours a week.

Me: A week?

TB: Yeah. And it’s unpaid.

Me: Forty hours a week, and it’s unpaid?

TB: Yup.

Me: Damn.

TB: Yeah.


Me: But your financial aid assumes that you make thousands of dollars over the summer.

TB: I know! It’s really frustrating.


TB: I mean, who can do that?

Me: I think we both know the answer to that.

TB: Yeah.


Me: So what are you gonna do?

TB: Maybe try to pick up some EMT hours doing medical transport. It’s not my first choice, but I have to make money somehow.

Me: It’s something.

TB: Yeah. But it’s something I’ve done already.

Me: It would be nice if the internship people ever talked to the financial aid people.

TB: Seriously! Only the rich kids can work for free. And the internship goes 15 hours a week during the fall and spring, unpaid.

Me: Ouch.

TB: I mean, EMT work is good on a med school application, but I’ll be competing with kids who actually got to work in the hospital!

Me: Sorry.

TB: It’s not your fault. It just sucks.

I couldn’t argue.


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