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Economists speak out
December 1, 2011 - 2:53pm

A couple of weeks ago, some economists from UMass published an open letter of support for the Occupy movements around the USA and the world. Maybe it was simply in the spirit of public scholarship, maybe it was an attempt to expiate some of the responsibility of their profession for recent failures, maybe it was just a case of having "enjoyed" about as much as they could stand. Regardless, their statement has now been signed by over 250 of their professional colleagues -- a significant portion of the profession is speaking truth to power.


As a recovering economist myself, I've experienced a (much reduced, I'm sure) sense of professional guilt for the socio-economically unsustainable situation which has been allowed to evolve.  But if actions like this start to take hold, I may have to think about renewing my AEA membership.  (Thinking, of course, is still free.)


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