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Accessibility Issues

Questioning an observation heard at workshops.

July 30, 2013

In Scott Jaschik's question and answer piece in today's IHE with Michael A. Olivas, author of a new book about the courts and colleges, Suing Alma Mater, Olivas states that "Colleges could do more to protect themselves by training administrators and faculty on the basics — I teach a number of such workshops, and am always struck by how many fundamental errors pop up in discussions, such as faculty who think they do not have to accommodate students with disabilities"


I would like to add a twist to this observation about which I have always been curious.  That is "web accessibility standards (for example section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act) would [fill in the verb blank:] 'shut down,' 'inhibit,' 'curtail' computer science and engineering research."

Has anyone else ever heard this statement before?  Is there any merit to it, or is it a bromide?  


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