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Net neutrality and privacy.


November 17, 2014

Net Neutrality

Jeff Sommer’s NYT article, A Plumbing Problem for the Internet (and the Stock Market), helps us all understand the interconnections among technology, the market and user expectations of the Internet.

What’s missing in his analysis, and much of the “net neutrality” debate, which, interestingly is heating up again, is the word “Anti-trust.”  If the F.C.C. is unable to initiate anti-trust action, it should engage the Department of Justice to do a serious investigation of cable companies and their hold on the market.  There is only so much that “net neutrality” rules can accomplish.  What is good about the article is that it points to the complexity of this debate.  What is needed to get the law to respond in kind to 21st century version of what the core concept of anti-trust is all about.


Facebook’s announcement that it would eliminate non-paid advertisements sounds like a plus and it is for Facebook.

Not only does it force brands to use its advertising services, it should cut down on the extra and largely unbidden stuff in user’s news feeds.  But has anyone taken a closer look at the deep technology of data mining and advanced market aspects of profiling and advertising to inform users of what that business model is all about?  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain … Poppies!  … are what come to my mind when I think about it.


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