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Fifteen ways you know that you are spending too much time in Zoom:

  1. You are using your webcam feed as a mirror when getting dressed.
  2. You accidentally sent a snarky chat to everyone in the meeting that was intended to be a private message.
  3. Your identity is wrapped up in your virtual background.
  4. You have given long and detailed explanations, only to realize that your microphone has been muted the entire time you were speaking.
  5. You are experiencing a phantom headphone feeling on your head and ears when not in Zoom meetings.
  6. You have actually gotten fast at sharing your screen.
  7. You have accidentally shared private email messages that definitely should not be shared while sharing your screen.
  8. You have finally realized, a bit too late, that private chat messages get shared when chat transcripts are exported.
  9. You find yourself wanting to virtually raise your hand during face-to-face conversations.
  10. You have given a good deal of thought to how you can multitask during a Zoom meeting while looking like you are paying attention.
  11. You made the mistake of giving out your personal Zoom room link, and now your colleagues feel free to drop into your Zoom room to chat.
  12. You now know what your co-workers' dogs and cats look and sound like.
  13. You are practicing the technique of not filling the silence for seven seconds after asking a question on Zoom, but it still feels awkward and weird.
  14. You have grown comfortable eating meals during Zoom meetings.
  15. You can tell exactly what your kids are doing on their computers (streaming) by the video and audio performance of your Zoom meetings.

How can you tell when you are spending too much time in Zoom?

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