COVID-19 Higher Ed Questions

Known unknowns.

March 2, 2020

I’m having trouble thinking of much else beyond COVID-19. The potential impact of the virus on higher ed is dominating most of my headspace. You?

My COVID-19 related questions include:

  • Online education: How much will demand increase?
  • Residential classes: How many will move online?
  • Quarantined students: Will they be able to shift to online studying?
  • Instructional designers: How will we find enough to meet the demand to create online courses?
  • Open campuses: Will campuses continue to be open places?
  • International students: How will many schools survive financially if their numbers drop dramatically?
  • Study abroad: Which programs will be canceled?
  • Studying abroad students: Will they be able to come back?
  • International students studying in the U.S.: Will they be able to go home?
  • Conferences: Which ones will be canceled next?
  • Conference budgets: Will professors and grad students and staff be reimbursed for canceled travel?
  • Virtual conferences: Will they become the norm in 2020, and will they be any good?
  • Telecommuting: Will more higher ed people start working from home?
  • Zoom: How high will the company’s stock go?
  • Campus tours: Will fewer prospective students visit?
  • Satellite campuses: Will they become more or less attractive to schools?
  • Sporting events: Will attendance be affected?
  • Sports teams: Will they be able to travel?
  • Student health services: Will they be overwhelmed?
  • Residence halls: Can students with roommates be quarantined?
  • Dining: If students are quarantined, how will they get food?
  • Campus staff: How will job descriptions need to change?
  • Student mental health: What will be the impact?
  • Bias and discrimination: Will campuses experience more incidents?
  • Progress toward graduation: Will graduation rates be affected?
  • Graduation ceremonies: Will they be affected?
  • Spring break: Will students go anywhere, and what happens when they return?
  • Travel restrictions: Will schools implement travel bans for faculty and staff?
  • Hand sanitizers: Will schools install them all over the place?
  • Meetings: Will people prefer online gatherings?
  • Black swans: Are colleges and universities preparing for low-probability/high-impact COVID-19-related events?

What questions about COVID-19 do you have?

Anyone want to take a shot at providing some answers?

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Joshua Kim

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