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The amazing, adorable and hilarious sayings of a son.

May 19, 2013

Like most kids, Ben has come out with amazing, adorable and hilarious sayings, and I have saved them over the years. Below is a sampling. Please feel free to share your own children's awesomeness.

1 year (he was a very early talker):
Neighbor: "Ben, your sneakers have doggies on them!"
Ben: "They're Dalmatians, actually."

(Singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star") " ...Like a diaper in the sky...."

5 years: "I don't understand life. If I just think I want to move my fingers, they move. How does that happen?"

6 years (after asking what "version" meant): "Okay, I have it figured out. There are two versions of the Bible: the King James Version, and the Version Mary!"

14 years (to the rhythm guitarist in his metal band, who was afraid his new glasses made him look dorky): "We're metal kids—we can wear anything we want and they'll think it's a statement!"

16 years (to a teacher who voiced concern that if he didn't apply himself he would end up at a college with students that were not on his level): "I don't have a level. People aren't more interesting because they're doctors or less interesting because they're waiters!"

Last week (on my return from a film shoot which had required far too many takes because I was supposed to be dead, but I kept blinking my eyes, breathing visibly, etc):
Me: "I was a terrible dead body!"
Ben: "Overall, I would say that's a good thing."

But my favorite took place a few days ago. Bill was unwell, and although it did not seem that serious, because he is diabetic there is always some concern. (He is fine.) I expressed frustration that my rehearsal schedule was intensifying, keeping me away from home.
Ben: "If he has to be sick, this is a really good time for it. I'm finishing up finals, and after that I just have a few gigs. If he needs me I can be here for him."

See what I mean?


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