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New intineraries.


June 7, 2015

As I have described here before, our family loves to travel, and we travel well together. We took Ben to Europe for the first time when he was ten, and every year since then I have posted about how grateful I am for another year when he still enjoys traveling with his parents.

I am writing this enroute to Paris. Ben will turn 21 next month.

Our MO has shifted over the years. We used to need to keep a close watch on Ben, especially when guiding him through security and public transportation. Now he is the one who reminds us to take our shoes and belts off, and figures out the metro system while we are still puzzling over the map. We used to go to bed earlier than we would have liked, to make sure he got enough sleep. Now we turn in before 10, and he goes out with the friends he invariably makes in every city we visit. We used to make a point of including zoos and medieval reenactments in our itineraries; now our agendas are much more wide ranging.

This trip, family members who live elsewhere in Europe are flying in to see us. I am looking forward to spending time with them, and to revisiting this city we all love, with a party composed completely of adults.

Most of all, as always, I am grateful for yet another travel experience shared with Ben.


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