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He's Leaving Home

A responsible son (and student).

June 22, 2014

This week, Ben presented us with a very reasonable proposal for moving out.

His college is an hour away by subway during normal commuting times. When he has to stay late to complete a studio project, sometimes it can take several hours to get home. On those nights, he often has to grab a few hours of sleep, then head back to school early in the morning. In addition, studio time is so scarce that students barter with each other for desirable times, and there are never enough hours to go around.

One of his friends lives with his parents in a nice apartment within walking distance of Ben's school. His parents are retiring and moving away, and Ben's friend, C, is planning to build a recording studio in the apartment. He has invited Ben to share the apartment with him.

It all makes sense. His life would be much easier if he were closer to school, and if he had unlimited access to audio equipment. Plus, he will be 20 over the summer, certainly old enough to explore semi-independent living.

I keep reminding myself how neat and orderly the apartment will be when he is gone. But sometimes neat and orderly just means empty.


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