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Mothering at Mid-Career: Pre-Semester Bullet Points
August 20, 2012 - 6:04pm


·      My first teaching day is a week away and I think my syllabus is ready, amazingly. I e-mailed a link to it to all my students and I believe it was less than an hour before a student e-mailed me back to ask about a date confusion--alas, there was a typo in what I sent out. It's fixed now, but it's not exactly how I intended to appear to my students. Ah, well, perhaps it's just as well that they get used to the idea that I am not, in fact, always going to be right. (Far from it.)


·      My daughter is back after her six weeks of travel out of the country. As soon as she got home she was right at work, making herself her favorite lunch, and then we sat around and listened to her stories for a couple of hours. I'm sure there will be many more that we'll hear over the coming days--but she's leaving for college at the end of the week, so we may not get too many of them before she has to leave again. Thank heavens for cellphones and Facebook!


·      My son's cross-country practice has been going on all month, and he's starting to get back in the swing of the school year. Not quite, though. Are all fifteen-year-olds chronically sleep-deprived? Although he can and does get up early (well, 7:30 am) for practice, when there's no practice I don't think he'd get out of bed before noon. Why is it that I'm unable to sleep in, and he's unable to get up on time?


·      How is it that August isn't yet over and I'm already thinking about next summer? Maybe it's because Mariah's back from the summer vacation of a lifetime (highlights: Paris and Istanbul), but I'm feeling as if I need to start planning now. I know, I know, we've still got a whole academic year to get through, including Nick's first AP class and Mariah's senior year--which will bring with it GREs and grad school applications. And, just to be clear, it's really unlikely that I'll be planning a summer vacation for us anything like Mariah's trip from this year. Still, a girl can dream!


·      As much as I'm thinking about next summer, I'm also still enjoying the tail end of this one. Best thing about late August: both peaches and apples are in season at the same time! We went to the orchard last week and stocked up on peaches, filling the freezer so that we can have peach pie in January. Don't even talk to me about the possibility of a hurricane and resulting power loss (something we do have to think about here, every year). I could, if reluctantly, lose everything in my freezer other than the fruit (both strawberries and peaches) that I've picked and processed, but I do lose a little sleep over the idea that it might thaw and go bad. I've got a cooler all picked out in case we need to shift things into it in the event. Picking peaches is an end-of-summer ritual for me; now that the freezer's full, I feel ready (well, almost) to start the semester. Bring it on!




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