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Sick Day

An unplanned day.

July 28, 2013

One of the many advantages of my new job is that not only don't I have to work on Saturdays anymore, I don't have to work on Fridays, either. And Ben is usually home on Fridays.

I had lots of plans for today. I let a lot of paperwork, shopping and housework slide while I was rehearsing for and performing the play and wrapping up my old job. A friend is performing tonight, and I had planned to attend. But I had also let myself get rundown during that period, and I caught a bug it has been hard to kick.

So I have spent the day in an easy chair, halfheartedly tackling paperwork and napping sporadically. Ben has been practicing his guitar and watching a ball game. We are carrying on a lackadaisical political discussion, and once in a while one of us finds something silly on the Internet to show the other.

I love this. When he was small, Ben and I spent many days like this, just living our lives, following our own agendas but connected in a profound way. Given our current schedules, we very seldom have unplanned, unstructured time together. I used to take it for granted. Now it feels like a huge gift.


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