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What Rape Culture?

Evidence administrators need to see.

April 13, 2014

I found everything about this project interesting and hopeful. I was especially struck, though, by the activists who cited getting administrators to understand the prevalence of rape culture as their biggest challenge.

It is difficult for any bureaucracy (or any person, really) to acknowledge and address a systemic flaw. It is even harder when a large part of the entity's success rests on convincing parents that their children will be safe living away from home, many for the first time.

But presumably administrators read periodicals dealing with important issues in higher education, such as this one, so they must be aware of situations like this, this, this, this, this and this, to name just a few.

Some administrators, such as the ones the writer of the Harvard letter encountered, may understand that sexual assault is an issue, but believe that victims exaggerate the trauma involved. Some may truly believe that campus groups that endorse the victimization of women and vulnerable men are just guys having fun, and that women who object are overreacting and humorless. If anyone still believes that, I would encourage them to read this article. However, if you have ever been sexually assaulted, please don't read this, as some of the content is nightmare material.

And if you object that this is just one fraternity at one school, read the comments. It's everywhere. It always has been, since women were admitted to higher education. That is why the student activists in the first linked article re so necessary and important.


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