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Breaking the Ice

A creative option.

February 24, 2014

I recently saw the “Air Orchestra” from Soul Pancake, which immediately jumped out as an interesting way to break the ice in a classroom environment, especially one in which student participation and interaction are critical.



Perhaps the air orchestra is similar to a group of students starting a new class together. The air orchestra conductor invited strangers to participate in something new, and possibly risky, together, to create a rich experience for all.

At the beginning of a semester students are often essentially a group of strangers, all in the same physical space, and the success of their collective experience can hinge on the class sharing their experiences, questions and ideas.

Instructors ask students to pick up their ‘instrument’ and courageously play it, squeaks and all.  That sharing and building off of each other’s ideas can make a class, or a team, successful.  


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