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Awhile back, a group of people, through the Design School at Stanford, pondered the idea of what a Stanford education might look like in 2025.  The process they went through and their thoughts on the current and potential future state of on-campus higher education at Stanford are quite interesting. 

With all of the talk about digital disruption, MOOCs, learning outcomes, and the (perceived) decline in the importance of on-campus, residential liberal arts education, it’s refreshing to see a team think about the broader context of higher education:  “College has multiple aims: it’s a place to gain expertise and develop abilities, but also to come of age. These are entwined together in a residential college experience―a complex and special setting. Enormous energy and investment are now being placed in experimentation and pioneering in the online learning space. We wanted to complement these efforts with an exploration of learning and living on campus, now and in the future.”

In short, the team came up with four main themes (or, as the team calls them, “four provocations”) about how a Stanford education might be different in 2025: 

Pretty interesting stuff. While much of what the team came up with would be very resource-intensive, it’s nice to hear more about how undergraduate, residential, and liberal arts education can be re-envisioned. Thanks, Stanford, for some fresh thinking. 


In conclusion, just two words for the Stanford folks, so their heads don’t get too big: The Play



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