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A Holiday Gift

This is the season when many people start thinking about their future.  Here is a gift for those of you that are thinking about trying something new in 2015. 

December 22, 2014

Last time I wrote you a song, so this holiday season I decided on a more practical gift for readers of StratEDgy

Over the years, I’ve had many people – family, friends, students, and acquaintances – tell me they thought I had a ‘cool’ job and ask me for tips and tactics for getting a job, or a better job, in higher education.  So I would tell them about various sites they could use to learn more about the industry and/or find appropriate jobs.  After awhile, I compiled a list of job hunting resources that I’d send them and ask them to please send me any other sites and/or organizations that should be on the list.  The intent was to keep improving the list – adding new names and taking off companies/sites that were no longer helpful or in business – by gathering input from those using the list.  The list is still a work in progress and now I’ll share it with those of you looking to try something new in the upcoming year. Click here for the list

My request is that you also help to improve the list by letting me know if there are sites or organizations that should be added or dropped from the list.  You can do this by using the comment box, below, or sending me an email at [email protected].  I will gather the input, update the list, and repost it after the start of the new year.

Have a wonderful holiday and a very happy, healthy New Year!



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