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They came from Oman, Chile, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Qatar – and the United States.

Earlier this week I taught the inaugural 2-day Strategy and Competition in Higher Education professional development program, which is based on the 15-week for-credit class I’ve taught for the last two years.  The discussions were fabulous. 

Here is the agenda, and I hope you’ll join me for the September session:



What is Strategy?

Big Picture: The Global Higher Education Industry

U.S. Higher Education in Context


Forces Impacting Higher Education

Buyers, Suppliers

Rivalry Among Existing Institutions

Substitutes for Higher Education

New Entrants


Disruption and Innovation

Case Discussion: Driving Toward a Disruption (about HBS)

Market Disruption


Innovation in Higher Education


Strategy and Competitive Advantage

Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage

Looking Inward

Why Do They Hire Your Product/Service

Identifying (or Creating) Your Niche

Mapping Your Strategy


Value Propositions and Business Models

Tweaking the Strategy

Uncontested Spaces / Underserved Markets


Strategy and Implementation

“Big M” Marketing

Implementation Levers

Strategic Leadership



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