ACPA is Getting #SAtech at Upcoming Convention

Expanded role for technology.


February 19, 2014
ACPA is getting techie in Indy

This year's ACPA Annual Convention in Indianapolis is gearing up to be an epic event. From a student affairs technology perspective, the convention committee deserves a standing ovation. A recent blog post on the ACPA Convention blog lays out the ways in which technology will play a vital role in this year's experience:

First and foremost, wireless access will be complimentary throughout the "entire Indianapolis Convention Center." This means that attendees will be able to get online whenever and wherever they want to...finally! This is awesome news.

The blog post mentions a "social media command center." Without a lot of detail, I'm guessing that the command center will be used to launch satellites into space...or it will be a rock solid location for checking out all of the tweets, Instagrams, Vines, and posts. A social media dashboard for all to see...at least that's my hope/guess.

The event will also feature a "high tech program space." I wish that all of the spaces at our conferences were considered "high tech," but I'll gladly settle for a special place for special topics. However, let's make sure that the content matches the quality of the technology. Quality Content + High Tech = Win.

Power strips will be available in the front rows of several of the sessions. This is a powerful idea.

Genius Labs will be available for all attendees with Apple products...Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Let me try this again...People who know a lot about technology, social media, and whatnot will be on hand to help you get connected in every imaginable way. This is where a lot of learning will take place...really, it's going to be fantastic!

Shout-outs and kudos to Ed Cabellon, Tony Doody, and Marlena Love for orchestrating an amazing array of technology-related initiatives for this year's ACPA Annual Convention.


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