Brick Walls, Comments, and Not Being Radical Enough

Thinking about the critics.

July 24, 2014
all we are is just another brick in the wall

It's generally a good thing when a post receives more than 20 comments. Sometimes comments are brought about by a radical idea or question. In other posts, comments have a bit more "troll flavor" to them. And, sometimes comments on a post are a mix of troll drive-bys, appreciation, criticism, and once in a while...wisdom. Last week, after a rather hectic week of work, business travel, and logistics, I sat down and wrote a post about my preference for Starbucks stores. Little did I realize the turmoil that my post would generate.

Having been a blogger since 2004, I get how this genre works. Bloggers write, commenters comment, and most of the time (if we're lucky) discourse is achieved. However, perhaps the London heat is getting to me, but I find it to be incredibly ironic that a higher education news site attracts so many people who seem hell-bent on always being hyperbolically critical in their commentary. Regarding the comment that said that my blog is "losing its appeal," I say thank you (it's sort of a compliment when you really look at it...past appeal, currently declining, potential for upswing?) and I hope that you continue reading. In the case of the "corporate endorsement" commenter, I must say that I will continue to remain a member of this mostly-capitalist-based global society until radical changes (my vote would be towards worldwide socialism and unified currency) take place. Additionally, I hope that you abstain from buying anything from Target, driving a motor vehicle, and engaging in any type of non-credit-union-based-banking activity.

Blogging has been my calm port in an always stormy cerebral sea. Writing as it most-likely always has been, is a cathartic release of ideas and consciousness. It is true that I have definitely engaged in a hyper-critical style of blogging in the past. And, I will most-likely continue to ebb and flow with my critical pieces juxtaposed with my "I like LinkedIn" posts.

When I began blogging, as part of my graduate school experience, I wrote from a mostly-critical point of view. However, as I have grown as both a person and a professional, critiquing everything in sight is not always a rewarding exercise. In fact, it often alienates those who most need to read something that might just push them in a more positive direction.

As a consultant, speaker, and writer, I often say that I get paid to think. The one constant that has been woven throughout my career is a sense that the impenetrable wall that keeps my fellow practitioners from being more technologically adept and informed is both a blessing and a curse. My sole proprietorship is constructed and consistent due to the seemingly endless need that higher education entities have for strategic communications consulting. My ideas aren't always radical or critical, but I do hope that the anti-technology wall eventually crumbles and I am able to engage in rhetoric that builds things up rather than dealing with the sense that this space will always be about banging my sense of hope into a brick wall. So, bring comments and good will. Bring insights and information. The journey of blogging, writing, thinking, and churning through this wonderful jumble that is higher education continues.


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