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At 10:17AM on November 9, 2016, Cambridge University tweeted out a single emoji. The "neutral face" emoji was anything but neutral on the morning after the most-recent US presidential election. With more than 3,000 retweets and around the same amount of likes, this tweet was gutsy. I've been a fan of Cambridge's social media activity for quite some time, but that single emoji tweet was simply brilliant.

Not only does Cambridge University have an outstanding global ranking, they also do a fantastic job with social media.

So how is Cambridge University "crushing it" on social media. For starters, they have an award winning digital communications team that truly understands how to use each social media channel in their engagement mix.



Cambridge's student vloggers are some of the best around. In fact, Ibrahim Mohammed, better known as Ibz Mo, a Cambridge University "YouTuber," has more than 48,000 subscribers on his channel!

It's become almost blasé to talk about a university's Facebook page as they are essentially a required digital engagement platform (for at least those universities that can access the site). While Cambridge University still has a long way to go to reach the 5+ million likes of Harvard University's Facebook page, Cambridge comes in at a respectably impressive 1.8 million likes on their page.


If you're looking for a best practice case study for a university Instagram account look no further than Cambridge University. With a combination of photos and stories, the university's 219,000 Instagram followers are treated to a brilliant array of images and tales.


Cambridge University's Snapchat account is the ephemeral extension of the university's Instagram account.

Additionally, Cambridge has a holistic view of the value of social media channels within the context of a greater university community:


Cambridge University also maintains an active presence on Medium, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.



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