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July 15, 2013
a Higher Ed Confab

Okay, so I've been raging a bit about our obsession with social media tools. The tools are fun to talk about, but it's what we do with them that really matters. A new event is coming to higher education this fall that might just give us a boost for how colleges and universities can go beyond the tools and dig into a sense of purposeful content. Confab Higher Ed is all about content. Now I realize that content can be on your website or on your print collateral, but a lot of it will be produced, posted and engaged via social media channels.

According to Georgy Cohen, one of the session speakers for the event, "communication is a major differentiator for institutions nowadays." Cohen also acknowledged that for institutions, "what we say and how we say it is a key determinant of our success." Content has always been a major component for instition-level communications efforts and even student affairs divisions have started hiring directors for divisional communications. Thus it would seem that Confab Higher Ed is going to finally focus on something that we've all known all along - quality content is what matters.

The list of speakers for Confab Higher Ed, taking place in Atlanta on November 11-12 of this year, reads like a who's who of higher education web, new media, and content professionals. If you're looking for a new event to attend this year, I'd definitely take a look at this one. As someone who attends multiple higher education conferences throughout the year, I am always looking for something new and innovative.


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