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Content Overload or Running Empty on Bandwidth
June 7, 2012 - 8:44pm

When Summify came on the content curation scene last year, I was instantly enamored with the service. Keeping up with vast amounts of tweets and Facebook updates can easily become a full-time occupation for folks like myself who are regularly "plugged in." Summify provided a daily email of the best bits of the social media day. Sadly, Summify was acquired by Twitter. Most likely, Twitter wants to use Summify's service as a way to boost readership and potential ad revenue. (Although, the whole thing reeks of the Facebook Camera / Instagram situation…) What the acquisition means for users is that what was once a great product is now no longer available.

Since Summify is no longer a viable option for social media curation (thanks Twitter!), another service called "" has emerged to fill the content curation space. functions in similar ways to Summify. It sends out a daily email comprised of the top content from your connections on Twitter and Facebook. They also have a nifty iPhone app for the iOS crowd. I've been receiving emails on daily basis and while they aren't as good as Summify's summaries, the potential exists for improvement. Additionally, the personalized web address that is generated for all users is a nice way to enhance social sharing. My top links are accessible for anyone else who wants to see "what I'm reading."

Have you used What do you think? What other services/sites are you using to curate content as a means of conserving mental bandwidth?


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