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When I search for "social media guidelines," sans quotes on Google, there are 41,200,000 results. Corporate sites, blog posts, higher education institutions, and more provide a rich amount of social media guideline examples. When I'm out on the road working with schools or conference attendees, I am often asked to provide social media guideline resources. In the spirit of sharing, here are my top picks for social media guidelines that are easily applicable for folks in Student Affairs:

  • Brock University Social Media Guidelines - The cornerstones of Brock's social media guidelines document are: Transparency, Accuracy, Respect, Confidentiality, Personal Privacy, Appropriate Use, Brand Consistency, Monitoring and Maintenance. In other words, they pretty much cover everything that you need to know. Kudos to Brock for having one of the best social media resource sites on the higher education / post-secondary education web.
  • Oregon State University Social Media Guide - Full disclosure: I'm a Beaver. Moving on…the Oregon State University social media guidelines are simple, concise, and extremely useful. OSU's document frames social media as something that adds value and conversation. It's a great resource. Go Beavs
  • University of Delaware Social Media Guide [pdf] - If it wasn't in PDF format, the University of Delaware social media document would probably be my overall favorite pick. It's full of almost everything that you need to know about how to work with your division's social media. Check it out.
  • University of Texas at Austin Social Media Guidelines - There's something innately formal about the UT's guidelines document and it really works for them. I've read through this copious document many a time. It's full of gems. Hook 'em Horns!
  • Intel Social Media Guidelines - It's corporate, which for a lot of folks in Student Affairs means that it holds water about as well as a bucket full of holes. However, if you can get past our professions socialized bias around business resources, Intel's social media guideline page is chock full of good information.

What are your favorite social media guidelines? It would be great if you shared your favorite resources in the comments. Thanks for reading.


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