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Tales From The Tabs
June 6, 2012 - 8:06pm

Writing from a residence hall suite in British Columbia presents a challenge or two to a blogger on a deadline. The Pacific timezone is lovely, but it definitely interferes with sleep cycles and resource curation. Once again, I am bringing you the "Tales From The Tabs" as a means of sharing those items that I am reading as I work my way through the web while on one of my many consulting trips:

To Build Your Business, Smash Your Silos Everyone seems to love silos..or at least, we talk about not liking them while still participating in them. What would happen if higher education smashed its silos?

Advice to Graduates: "Keep On Playing" I love this video from Boston University. Messages to graduates that are heartfelt and cerebral always resonate with me.



What Motivates Creativity? Big Think is always a great resource for thought-provoking content. I love the concept that creativity flourishes when people love what they do.

Some teens aren't liking Facebook as much as older users Facebook is tarnished. And yet, 901,000,000 people use it. Facebook has everyone's attention, but will it still be relevant when today's teens are in their 30s?

Want To Be A Better Public Speaker? Do What The Pros Do. As a professional speaker, I often talk about the fact that I do "edutainment." Sometimes I wish that classroom lecturers would read articles like this one…we would all benefit.

#UWRightNow 24 hours of life on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This is truly one of the coolest projects that I've seen in a long time.

Twitter Use 2012 All sorts of data on Twitter use. Need some numbers to tweet out? Here you go!

My Gift To College Graduates: A List Of 10 Ways Not To Blow Your First Job Simple, concise, and thoughtful advice from Dayna Steele. I may not agree with all of the points, but I love blog posts that make me think.

Twitter trumps Facebook as primary source of social media intelligence Twitter is versatile. Listening instead of broadcasting is often the best way to utilize "the 140."

What are you reading? What tales do your tabs tell?


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