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Last week whilst having coffee at the obscenely early time of 5:36AM, I quote tweeted (shared with comment) a tweet from Kevin Seeber. According to his website, Seeber is the Foundational Experiences Librarian at Auraria Library in Denver, Colorado. The Auraria Library is "the only tri-institutional academic library" in the United States...a fact that I did not know until doing a bit of digging about Mr. Seeber.

However, I digress, the tweet from Seeber that was so awesome that it needed to be shared was the beginning of an entire thread of tweets. Also, I should add that libraries and librarians are awesome.


Tweeting a couple of days after the release of the annual Beloit College Mindset List, Seeber shared a collection of opinions that need to be read, re-read, and then re-read again...and then embedded into all of the student affairs graduate programs. Yeah, it's that good.


One of the problems with the Beloit College Mindset List is that it assumes that the 2021 class of university students is made up of 18-year-old so-called digital natives that listen to Justin Timberlake*.












Did I mention that librarians are awesome? Yeah, I probably should follow more awesome libraries and librarians on Twitter. Thanks, Kevin, for the reminder!


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* There's nothing wrong with Justin Timberlake (that I know of), but it's messed up to assume that everyone in the class of 2021 will be a fan. Sorry, JT. #byebyebye.

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