Using CO Everywhere for Social Media Listening

A new part of the workflow.

November 13, 2014
Use CO Everywhere to see what is happening in your community


Listening to social media postings has become part of the fabric of the marketing/communications industry. Big businesses utilize sophisticated suites of social media monitoring tools to see what people are saying about their brands/campaigns and to respond to positive/negative postings.


Student Affairs practitioners have incorporated social media listening into their workflow as a way to keep an eye on the pulse of their campus community. Engagement platforms like Hootsuite and TweetDeck provide multiple ways to connect, search, and listen.

A less popular, but still useful method for listening to social media within a geographical area is the mobile app / web-ready solution from CO Everywhere. With a slick interface that is both mobile and desktop accessible, CO Everywhere lets users draw a custom area on a map that will then show the social media postings geo-tagged within the specified area.

Here's an example that I created in about 15 seconds. I drew around the perimeter of the University of Northern Iowa (Go Panthers!) and CO Everywhere shows me all of the geo-tagged tweets and Instagram posts within my custom UNI "search fence." It's a nifty way to get a quick snapshot of the social media postings that originated on campus.

Released in 2013, CO Everywhere is now available as an app on iOS and Android*. It's also viewable on the "responsive web."


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*The link to the Android version of CO Everywhere on Google Play doesn't seem to be working as of publication.

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