10 Dangers of Thinking Like An EdTech Blogger

Enumerating some social media dangers.

August 23, 2015

10 Dangers of Thinking Like An EdTech Blogger:

1. Confusing asserting a point with offering evidence to support your arguments.

2. Privileging the simple and concise over the nuanced and complicated.

3. Annoying your colleagues by writing overly long e-mails that are the same length and form of blog posts.

4. Annoying your colleagues by communicating in lists.

5. Losing the ability to think through an issue without writing about that issue.

6. Forgetting what you have read unless you blog about it.

7. Confusing the difference between blogging about something with actually doing anything.

8. Annoying your closest colleagues when your conversations end up metastasizing into blog posts.

9. Missing out on all the great conversations because you are too busy blogging.

10. Thinking that if you have blogged about a topic that people will inevitably know what you think about that topic.

What are the dangers of thinking like an edtech tweeter?



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