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What do you think the big company news and announcements will be at EDUCAUSE 2013?

My edtech company crystal ball is telling me a few things to look for at EDUCAUSE:

Prediction 1:  Some Sort of Rollup in the Media Management / Presentation Capture Space

The presentation / lecture capture and media management space continues to be fragmented and immature. Colleges and universities are left to stitch together platforms for academic media production with media management and video publishing services. We have too many presentation and lecture capture vendors, too many media management vendors, and challenges to get everything to work together seamlessly.

I have no idea how the purchases and deals will actually play out. If I were Pearson or McGraw-Hill I'd be looking hard to buy Kaltura, ShareStream, or Ensemble. Or Adobe could be the purchaser. It would make total sense to pair an Echo360 or a Tegrity or a Panopto with a media management back-end. TechSmith would fill huge holes in any number of companies, from Adobe to Cisco.    

A rollup would benefit customers as putting the media creation, management, and distribution tools into one ecosystem would enable more seamless educational experiences.   

Prediction 2:  Adaptive Learning Platforms Will Be the Toast of the Party

Everyone will want to talk to Knewton. The ASU / Pearson / Knewton partnership is a huge deal. Knewton has the technology, relationships, funding, and management team to make a huge impact.   

I'll be looking at EDUCAUSE at the other adaptive learning players. Where are they focusing their platform work? What deals and relationships do they currently have? How big is their market penetration? What is the quality of their leadership team and employees they have a EDUCAUSE?   

I'm betting we will see at least one major adaptive learning vendor announcement. A purchase, a big collaboration deal, or a new huge round of funding.

Prediction 3:  Look for E-Content and Digital Textbook Deals

One of my goals at EDUCAUSE is to learn more about who is in the digital textbook / learning content space beyond what I know from the big publishers.   

The big player I know is Inkling.   Inkling seems to be doing everything right.  Inkling is leading the industry in both platform and born-digital content. I'd like to know more about this part of the edtech industry to understand where Inkling's competitors are, and which e-content players are juicy acquisition targets. Can you help?

My prediction is that this sector is hot enough, and the technology mature enough, that we will also hear about either a big acquisition or investment in pure play e-content platform providers at EDUCAUSE 2013.

What are your predictions for EDUCAUSE?

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