3 Reasons Why I'd Choose the Kindle Paperwhite Over an iPad

My Kindle $119 Kindle Paperwhite with $39.99 persimmon leather cover arrived today.  

I'm already reading more.

This is a beautiful device.

October 4, 2012

My Kindle $119 Kindle Paperwhite with $39.99 persimmon leather cover arrived today.  

I'm already reading more.

This is a beautiful device.  

I love the built in light, the fast page turning, and the crisp font. 

This Kindle get the size and weight exactly right - small enough and light enough for one-handed reading yet substantial and solid feeling.  

The Kindle wakes up (iPad like) when the cover is opened … book ready to read. 

The new feature of "minutes left in book" (or chapter) is very cool. The Kindle Paperwhite feels significantly faster, brighter, sharper, and prettier than my 3rd generation Kindle - and the built in lighting works way better than my ($60) lighted leather cover.

Say you have to choose. New iPad or new Kindle?  

How could it even be close? Totally different platforms. Totally different devices. Right? One is for content consumption, web browsing, apps, video, e-mail, the whole tablet experience.  The other is for reading.

But say you have to choose. And money is not your deciding factor, I'm going to give you either one, but only one, and you can't buy the other for yourself.

I choose you, Kindle Paperwhite!


1. Books are Better: Reading books is better than doing anything that an iPad can do. You say, why not read your books on the iPad?  Too heavy, screen makes my eyes tired.  Life would hold no meaning without books.  Not being able to swipe through an app or touch my browser seems like not that big a deal in comparison. Books add up to something (I'm not sure what, but I'm convinced). All that iPad screen time adds up to what?  680,882 apps in the app store available for my iPad, and I'd trade all of them for a few hours with Telegraph Avenue.

2. MacBook Air: You say, "my iPad is not only a consumption device". I see you in meetings taking notes, writing e-mails, composing haiku.  Great.  Buy why?  The MacBook Air is almost as light as the iPad, almost as portable, and it comes with an operating system and keyboard meant for creating.  Those iPad keyboard cases. Weird.  For some reason they always remind me of those parents that walk around with their little kids attached to leashes.  Hold their hands, let them wander free.  If God or Jony Ive had intended leashes or keyboards then they would have come that way from the factory.

3. iPhone:  If you must app, and you must swipe, then why not do these things with an iPhone? Plus, it's a phone. The iPhone is like an iPad that fits in your pocket.  It does all the same things. And you can make phone calls (did I mention that?).   

Your turn.


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