38 Everyday Tech Failures That Will Never Be Solved

They may even get worse.

June 9, 2016

What are your favorite everyday technology failures?

What are the tech failures that are so commonplace that we don’t even notice when they occur?

What are the pervasive tech failures do you expect will outlive live you?

I expect that my grandkids will still be experiencing the following 38 tech failure long after I’m gone:

1 - The Conference WiFi Is Saturated

2 - The Airport / Hotel WiFi Is Painfully Slow

3 - The Video In the Presentation Does Not Play

4 - The Podium Microphone In the Room Does Not Work

5 - The Lavalier Microphone Does Not Work

6 - The Password / Login Is Not Secure

7 - The Recover Password Procedure Does Not Work

8 - Email Replies Are Accidentally Sent to All Recipients

9 - The Projector Does Not Work / The Computer Can’t Connect to the Projector

10 - The Out-of-Office Email Message Doesn’t Work

11 - The Headphone Cords Will Always Get Tangled

12 - The Room-Based Conference Video / Audio System Can’t Be Started

13 - The Classroom HVAC System Will Always Be Crazy Loud

14 - The Out-of-Office Email Message Is Still Playing Long After the Person Has Returned To Work

15 - The Printer Will Not Work Exactly the Time When Hard Paper Copies Are Necessary

16 - Calendar Appointments Disappear

17 - The Copier Will Jam

18 - The Sound In Multimedia Presentations Does Not Work

19 - The Amount of Spam Increases Faster Than Opt Outs / Spam Filters Can Eliminate Unwanted Emails

20 - Fax Machines Will Never Go Away

21 - The Handheld Slide Advancer Does Not Work

22 - Participants Can’t Get Their Audio to Work in A Webinar

23 - The Lawn Outside Your Classroom / Office Will Always Be (Loudly) Mowed While You Are Trying to Talk / Concentrate / Teach

24 - Someone Will Want to Show a VHS Tape During Class

25 - The Classroom Office Will Be Too Hot or Too Cold

26 - The Email Goes To the Wrong Recipients

27 - There Is Unbearable Noise / Interference in the Web Meeting

28 - The Computer Will Decide To Do A System Update During a Presentation

29 - Some People In the Web Meeting Will Not Be Able to Turn On Their Webcam

30 - The Web Video Will Not Play

31 - The Email Attachment Is Not Attached

32 - The Phone Ringer/Alarm Will Go Off During Performances and Lectures

33 - The Voicemail Will Disappear

34 - The Tablet Digital Note Taking / Annotation Tools Will Be Worse Than Pen and Paper

35 - The Dongle Will Be the Wrong Type

36 - The Expensive Classroom Smartboard Will Not Be Used

37 - Entering / Starting A Conference Call Requires 10 Minutes and Multiple Digits / Prompts to Access

38 - Email Reply All Is Selected When It Shouldn’t Be, And Not Selected When It Should

Can you add to our list of permanent and pervasive technology failures?



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