4 Inventions

It's time to break our technology logjam.

October 2, 2013

Are you with me in getting discouraged about the pace of technological innovation?

Things have sort of seemed to stall. The most exciting news we have this year is about a new iPhone that looks exactly like the old iPhone except that is now plastic (or can be unlocked with a fingerprint).  


By 2013 I was expecting my car to be electric, my laptop to be holographic, and my flights to be supersonic.   

Things are even worse on our edtech front - but that is another story.

So in the spirit of jump starting some real technological breakthroughs I offer the following invention ideas:

1. A Self-Emptying Dishwasher:

Why are we still putting away our own dishes? A nation that can invent the Predator can surely make create a washing machine with an unmanned drone that deposits plates, cups and silverware in the proper places.

2. A Robot Pooper Scooper:

Do you find it strange that it is our job (in my household my job) to pick up our dog's poop. That we follow our dogs around with plastic bags. We buy plastic pooper scooper on Amazon to pick up the dog poop in our yard.  I say that this needs to stop!  What if every single mobile app developer in the country turned their attention for one day to solve the poop scooping problem?   

3. A Washing Machine / Dryer / Cloth Folding / Putting Away Device:

If we can invent #1 (the self-emptying dishwasher), a self-folding-putting-away washing machine / dryer should be a no brainer. All we ever do in my house is laundry. We never keep up. As I type this blog I am staring at two laundry baskets full of clothing, sheets and towels that have been sitting in my living room for two days. The dryer is full, and a new load needs to be started. I'll trade any future right I have to ever touch an iPad again if someone provides a technical solution to my laundry problem.

4. An App That Writes and Reads All My Social Media Entries:

Some folks I know are awesome at Twitter. Terrific at Facebook. The write funny, self-deprecating posts that manage to be at once wise, learned, and irreverent in the space of a few characters. Where do they find the time to be so frequently pithy?  Who has the time to read all these Tweets and Status Updates? I would like to outsource both endeavors. An app that will create and post all my social media missives, and then automatically (without any intervention on my part) reads everything that my network is talking about.  


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