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I'm fine with Apple taking my money.

Really, I'm okay with being locked into the Apple ecosystem.

What I can no longer abide is how Apple seems to be robbing me of all self-respect.

I'm not talking about Apple products. I'm typing this blog post on my beloved MacBook Air. All day long I've showered affection on my iPhone. Tonight I'll use my iPad mini to do some reading, maybe watch a bit of video.   

What I'm talking about is Apple Events. The Tim Cook Apple keynotes. The Show.

And it is not Apple's fault. I blame myself.  

Here are 4 reasons why I've traded my dignity for the Apple Event.

Reason 1. Pre-gaming:  How much time do I spend reading about the Event before the Event? Reading the blogs that are reading the tea leaves about what iPhone feature will be announced, what iPad change will be made, what Apple will do next. Hours and hours. And why? I have no idea. This knowledge, or speculation, or whatever you call it, does me absolutely no good. Apple will announce what Apple will announce. We will all find out at the same time.   

Reason 2. Watching Live Commentary:  The September 10th iPhone Event was not streamed live (at least I missed it if it was). But we could all follow all follow along on CNET or Engadet or ArsTechnica or even the NYTimes. Did you? I did. At least for some of the event. (Meetings, work, etc. rudely got in the way). Why would anyone watch someone else watching a company demo? Why would anyone spend one second of one's day reading commentary on an event that you can watch for yourself in a couple of hours? Can we even stop ourselves.

Reason 3. Watching the Event Recording: Last night I spent 86 minutes watching the Event recording. Every Apple Event unfolds in the same way. The same guys, (don't any women work at Apple?), get up and talk about how wonderful and revolutionary and world changing and perfect the latest iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or whatever is. Crowd goes crazy. Then they do a demo. Crowd goes crazy.  Then they show a video. Crowd goes crazy. Does the audience at Apple event remind you also of those North Korean stadium spectators? The one's with the cards that they turn over to create pictures of the Great and Dear Leader.  Is there anything that Tim Cook and crew could do where the audience wouldn't applaud?  

Reason 4. Blogging About the Apple Event: The next step is the mandatory blog about the Apple Event. In my case this is the 2nd blog I've written about the Apple Event. Why do I blog about the Apple Events? Aren't there enough people talking about Apple? It's not like anyone at Apple is reading what I'm writing? Who would have the time with everyone else writing about you. Don't we in higher education have better things to do with our time than talk about Apple? Does an iPhone now available in pink plastic really matter as we try to figure out what we are doing in higher ed?   

This is all (almost) enough to drive me to watch a Microsoft event.

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