7 EDUCAUSE Mobile Apps Questions & Requests

What apps do you want?


September 19, 2013

I am so excited for EDUCAUSE the Annual Conference this October 15th-18th in Anaheim!  

The Agenda looks amazing, and the size of the Exhibitor Directory is proof that this is the conference that nobody in the edtech world should miss.

With EDUCAUSE on my mind, I've been wondering about the best way to read all the amazing publications and research that the organization puts out.

Nowadays, my professional reading takes place mostly on my mobile devices. On an iPad or iPhone. Sometimes a Kindle.

In going through the EDUCAUSE Research and Publications page there is so much that I want to read.  

What I could not figure out is the best way to access all of the publications, reports, fact sheets, presentations and data on my mobile devices.

7 mobile EDUCAUSE questions / requests:

1. iOS Apps: Does EDUCAUSE have any apps in the Apple app store? I searched, but maybe I'm missing them?

2. An EDUCAUSE Review App: My gold standard for iOS Apps is the NYTimes app. The app does a great job of syncing all the content, so that I can read it offline. Articles can be saved.  Videos can be watched. Is there anything planned for EDUCAUSE Review (and other publications) that would be like the NYTimes app?

3. An Everything EDUCAUSE Mobile App: Why not go all the way? Full parity for everything that is available on educause.edu on an app? The ability to login as a subscriber for ELI and ECAR publications. Again, the key is syncing and offline access.

4. The EDUCAUSE Community: A big way that I keep my track of my network is through the EDUCAUSE Members pages. It would be awesome to have this directory as an App, so that when I'm at conferences I could easily look up colleagues and access their articles and presentations.

5. EDUCAUSE Conference Apps: What I want is something more than an conference planner. I want to be able to see all the conference materials and conference videos on my mobile device. Downloaded and synced. How about a way to watch the live feeds of conference presentations from our mobile devices?   

6. EDUCAUSE E-Books: I love the EDUCAUSE books. What I'd like is to see more of EDUCAUSE's content aggregated into short e-book format, and the ability to download these books from various e-book stores. I'm partial to Amazon's Kindle platform, as it is so easy to get books and put them on all my devices. But EDUCAUSE could take a multi-platform approach.

7. EDUCAUSE Data: Could an app be a platform to access EDUCAUSE survey data? Perhaps a bunch of existing reports and infographics, and then even a query builder that would allow us to create ad hoc reports from our mobile device? I'm just dreaming here, but it would be great to build custom reports from EDUCAUSE survey data from my mobile device.

What mobile EDUCAUSE apps would you want?

What is the best way to engage EDUCAUSE on these questions?

Are you going to the Conference?


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