8 Reactions to the New Kindle / Audible Integration

I surrender.

June 10, 2014

Amazon updated the Kindle iOS and Android app today to enable a one button toggle between e-books and audiobooks.  If your Kindle book has a corresponding Audible book, and it has been Whispersync enabled, and if you have paid for both versions then you can seamlessly move between reading and listening on your smart phone or tablet.

No more need to switch between the Kindle app and the Audible app.

How cool is that?

Amazon is killing us book people.  

They are like the evil book empire, and we have all gone over to the dark side. Darth Bezos.  

Of course I immediately downloaded the updated app on my iPhone, and tested it out with my Snipers Honor: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel  (yes - that is what I’m reading - you got something to say?) digital book pairing.

8 Reactions:

Reaction #1:  I am going to buy lots more Whispersync enabled books.

Reaction #2:  Why are so few books in my Kindle or Audible wish list Whispersync enabled?

Reaction #3:  Come to think of it, why are there so many Kindle books without an Audible counterpart, and why would anyone ever produce an audiobook without enabling Whispersync?

Reaction #4:  Why hasn’t Audible yet figured out how to allow customers to buy first from Audible, and then get the discounted Kindle book.  Why do we need to go Amazon and Kindle first?

Reaction #5:  Why are the prices for Whispersync books so all over the place?  Wouldn’t it make sense for Amazon to negotiate with the publishers for a consistent experience?  (Oh wait, Amazon thinks of publishers as terrorists, they never negotiate).

Reaction #6:  Am I the only one that is worried about the gap between an Amazon reading experience and an educational / course reading experience?  At what point does it start to hurt us that the consumer experience is way better and cheaper than the academic experience?

Reaction #7:  Each time Amazon innovates I get more locked in.  The image that I have is an exquisitely jeweled set of golden handcuffs that is chaining me to Jeff Bezos who is either reading to me or holding up the book so that I can see it.  Thanks Jeff.  Here is my credit card for you.

Reaction #8:  What exactly again does an obsession with audiobooks and e-books have anything to do with higher ed technology and learning?

How is your reading changing?


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