Confessions of a Twitter Free Rider

A failure to tweet.

May 27, 2014

Hello. My name is Josh, and I am a Twitter free rider.

I read your tweets (sometimes), but I don’t produce tweets for you to read.

I appreciate when you tweet about something that I write, but I am tweeting about what you write.

I use Twitter in the worst way - for promotion.  

Each day I make a bitmark, a link on bitly, which then automatically posts a tweet and a Facebook post.  

Each day I hope that this bitly created tweet will send more people to this blog.  

Each day I hope that other people will tweet a link to Technology and Learning.  

I hope that you tweet this post.

And I’m feeling a bit Twitter guilty. (Twuilty?)

Social media breaks down when it is used for promotion and not conversation.

The value of social media is in the exchange. It is in the invitation to share thoughts, ideas, and resources.

When I do go on Twitter (not very often, but sometimes) I get lots of ideas. These ideas, however, are inversely proportional to the number of people that I follow. The more people the less ideas.

Currently I follow 154 people. This is too many. I need to again prune my Twitter follower list, and at that point I’ll re-engage with the platform.

But I’ll re-engage with Twitter as a consumer. (Twonsumer?)

I’ve made the decision to limit my social media contributions to mostly one place and one format.

My social media energy production budget is spent writing this blog.  

I’ll read your comments (all of them), I’ll read your tweets (sometimes), and I’ll every now and then I’ll go to the places that you send me. (And if you send me to an article on the Web and it is longer than a page, I’ll probably print it out before reading it.).

Please don’t be like me. Please continue to tweet.

Where are you bad at social media?


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