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I'm looking for a do it yourself streaming solution. Hoping that you help.

The volume of live streaming that we need to do in my little online/blended program has surprised me.   

It seems that the ability to stream events, and to do so independently without contracting with the central IT organization, is quickly becoming a reality. Where live streaming was once a highly technical task, involving dedicated units and technical magicians, it is now evolving into a normal part of our everyday education business. Streaming is the new web conferencing, a do-it-yourself operation that everyone needs to know how to do.

So far our streaming solution has been to rely on our online classroom platform (Adobe Connect). This means webcams and computer microphones.

We need to move to a dedicated, portable, and affordable streaming solution - one with HD cameras and microphones.

Streaming Use Cases:

  • We are running a face-to-face class and need to provide a robust live video stream of the front of the room.   This stream may be for students who cannot attend, but wish to participate in real time, or other stakeholders who wish to see what is going on in the class. 
  • Special events, such as symposiums or conferences, where we want to provide a live stream but we don't have the budget for professional video teams or dedicated streaming services to provide this service.

Streaming Requirements:

  • A portable streaming system that can be easily carried from classroom to classroom and across the campus.
  • A streaming solution that is simple enough to operate that even a PhD could make the thing work (me).
  • The ability to stream either the presentation content or the video, preferably both.
  • An end-to-end solution, including streaming equipment and software as well as hosting of the streaming page.
  • The stream should be viewable on iOS and tablet devices, as well as on OS X and Windows browsers.
  • The ability to put the stream behind username and password, as well as to generate embed code to put the stream on an authenticated page (such as an LMS).
  • Analytics on user behavior, platforms, devices, etc.
  • A simple, reliable, and robust end-user experience.
  • A phone number to call where someone will answer the phone if something goes wrong.

What requirements am I missing?

What streaming solution for higher ed programs (the non-video or technical professionals) would you recommend?

How have you met your smaller scale and ad hoc streaming needs?

What companies or vendors are out there that we should get in touch with?

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