Dreaming Up the "Kindle Run"

The "Kindle Run" does not exist.  This is my pitch to Bezos and Amazon.

November 8, 2011

The "Kindle Run" does not exist.  This is my pitch to Bezos and Amazon.

Mostly I want a way to automatically sync up my Kindle and Audible books. I want to switch seamlessly between reading and listening. This is not possible with my iPod Nano, as it is not connected to the Web, and the software for audio and e-text syncing doesn't exist. 

I'd like to see Amazon offer a subscription book service, where we pay a monthly fee to be able to download books in multiple formats - with formats ranging across Kindle, audiobooks, and music. A range of Amazon devices designed around Amazon's content services would provide some competition to Apple (and Android), while also benefiting Amazon by driving content sales.

Amazon should not let Apple own the portable content consumption device space - the iPod is ripe for a challenge!

What The Kindle Run Would Do:

  • A mini Kindle fire, designed for exercise and mobility.
  • An alternative to the iPod that is tightly coupled with Amazon digital content.
  • Designed to work in conjunction with Amazon's MP3 Store.
  • Built to play audiobooks and content from Audible.
  • A service that allows synching of audio and digital content, for instance between an Audible and a Kindle book (so the page number and place in the audio track stays syncs together).
  • A platform to purchase Amazon's digital content on the go.

What The Kindle Run Would Look Like:

Dimensions: Similar to the 5th generation iPod Nano.

Design: Multi-touch screen, similar look to the Kindle Fire.

Features: WiFi enabled for automatic syncing, purchase, streaming (video, audio), and purchasing.

Ideas to make the "Kindle Run" better?

Any chance that Amazon will go this way?


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