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An EDUCAUSE 2013 Panel Proposal: "Bringing For-Profits Into the Innovation Conversation"
December 9, 2012 - 9:00pm

The EDUCAUSE 2013 call for proposals just landed in my inbox. Are you planning on proposing a session, panel, point/counterpoint or poster?

I have an idea for a panel that I want to run by all you. The full title is: "Bringing For-Profits Into the Innovation Conversation: Opportunities, Barriers, and Risks".    

The goals of the panel discussion would be three-fold:

1. Have some people who work in the for-profit sector share what they see as the most important innovative projects/platforms/technologies that they are working on, and which can be diffused and adopted by other institutions.

2. Create a space where people who work in both traditional and proprietary settings can discuss education technology innovations in a collegial space, setting aside (for however briefly) the debates of funding models and public policies that often dominate discussions with and about this sector.

3. Provide a forum for an honest and critical discussion about the role of for-profits in promoting innovation throughout higher ed, with critics of this approach appearing on the panel to ensure a spirited and open dialogue.

What do you think? How would you tweak (or completely re-write) this proposal?

Who would you like to see appear on such a panel? Do you think that our community would be interested in such a panel discussion? Would be be interested in participating?

We would need to find people from the for-profit institutions that are both interested in discussing (and showing) some innovative projects/platforms/technologies, as well as being committed to diffusing these innovations outside of their own companies.   

We would need to identify a couple of educators that are critical about the role of for-profits, knowledgeable about the role of specifics of innovation and technology in teaching and learning, and willing to engage in an open and collegial discussion.

I have some people in mind for all these panel roles, but it would be great to hear what you may be thinking (and feel free to e-mail me if you do not want to use the DISQUS comments).

The panel would need someone that is able to engage all the participants, as well as the audience, giving the discussion a larger context and asking the panel participants tough questions while ensuring a positive environment for discussion.

Is EDUCAUSE 2013 our earliest opportunity for such a panel discussion?  

Can you think of other places that would be appropriate for such an event?


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