Flipping Faculty Discussions with e-Literate TV?

A plan to leverage an episode on team-based course design.

March 13, 2014

The latest episode of e-Literate TV features a terrific discussion with Phil and Vanessa Perry, Chair and Associate Professor of Marketing at George Washington University, on her experience with working with a team to flip her teaching.

I’m thinking that this episode would be a great tool to get some discussion going on flipped classes and new models of course design on my campus.  

Here is my plan, please let me know what you think.

1. Schedule a session in my campuses center for Advancement of Learning (DCAL - our teaching and learning center) on flipped classes and course development by teams.

2. Invite faculty, librarians, learning designers, and other folks to participate.

3. Send out the link to the e-Literate TV episode as “homework”. Explain that we are “flipping” the session, and that we will discuss the video during our face-to-face time together.

4. Perhaps utilize the discussion feature in Canvas to have the participants react to the video prior to coming to the session.  

5. Use those reactions in Canvas to help guide the face-to-face discuss.

What do you think?

Do you think this episode of e-Literate TV is the right content to get everyone on the same page about team-based course design?

Would faculty, librarians, and IT staff watch the video beforehand?

Is a video better than an article? (And do you have articles on team-based course design to suggest)?  

Would they give their reactions in Canvas?

Is it better to keep the reaction prompts general, or would a specific question work better?

How would we deal with participants who did not watch the video before the session?

Would this sort of flipped methodology for faculty discussions encourage or discourage faculty from participating?

Did this blog post get you to watch the episode?

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Joshua Kim

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