How the Amazon Echo Show Will Revolutionize Higher Education

Why this edtech device will be different.

June 5, 2017

I’m here to confidently predict that Amazon's $229.99 Echo Show will revolutionize higher education.

With the Echo Show, higher education will finally be able to:

  • Allow students to ‘drop in’ with their professors using the video chat feature from the professors home, 24/7/365.
  • Lower educational costs, by replacing ‘live’ adjunct faculty in classrooms with instructors teaching across multiple campus locations via the Echo Show from locations with lower faculty labor costs.
  • Shift our Massively Open Online Course participation from computers, iPads, and phones - and to the Echo Show.
  • Replace student “seat time” with Echo Show time, as students gain the option of leaving the devices in lecture halls, participating in classes remotely.
  • Dynamically track and adjust the adaptive learning environments based on facial expression recognition and voice stress/ emotional analysis through the Echo Show always-on cameras and microphones.
  • Eliminate paper textbook sales, as digital learning materials are delivered directly to dorm rooms through Echo Show devices that are bundled with tuition and superglued to each residence hall desk.
  • Automatically release badges and alternative credentials based on demonstrated expertise that is algorithmically verified through always-on Echo Show cameras / microphones working with Amazon Cloud Services.
  • Apply for admission to postsecondary institutions by voice, using the newly built Amazon Common Application Echo Show application.
  • Visit your alma mater’s Second Life campus from every room in your home by voice command.
  • Monitor your children in their dorm rooms through the always-on video and audio feeds.

Amazon does not know it yet, but with the Echo Show they have built a digital education device that will change everything.

Where do you see the Amazon Echo Show disrupting the postsecondary status quo?



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