How EdTech Will Change March Madness in 2013

How will edtech change the NCAA basketball tournament, March Madness, in 2013?

April 2, 2012

How will edtech change the NCAA basketball tournament, March Madness, in 2013?

1. Players Doing Coursework Online Between Games:  All these student-athletes must be taking courses. Right? What better way to keep up with coursework then to spend the time between games and practices working in their school's learning management systems. Does every player bring a laptop to the tournament? I bet they do. CBS and TNT could show video of the players going online and interacting in their courses. Charley Barkely, the world's finest halftime commentator, could interview the players - and ask them to give a tour of their favorite courses. The CBS commentators could "break down" the players favorite courses, providing analysis of strengths ("great use of discussion boards and wikis") and weaknesses ("confusing course navigation") of the online and blended class offerings.  

2. Players Interacting with Courses on Mobile Devices:  What would get every provost and president more excited about mobile learning than seeing a whole bunch of student-athletes interacting with course materials on iPhones, iPads and Android devices? We could catalyze a whole new wave of investment in mobile learning if the players demonstrated how cool (and educationally and pedagogically sound) mobile learning can be. Are players allowed to bring iPhones on the bench? Maybe do some quick checking of discussion boards or readings during those long media timeouts. You'd be surprised how much classwork you can get done during a game.

3. Players Talking About Educational Technology:  I'm convinced that at least some of the student-athletes who make it to the tournament are as equally excited about educational technology as they are about basketball? I can't be alone in this, can I? We just need to find these players, and get them to talk about why they love course blogs, class wikis, and how they became constuctivists.   

Could happen.


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