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The LMS: 10 Things I Don't Know
November 7, 2011 - 7:54pm

The learning management system (LMS) has become our academic Rorschach test. We all see different things when looking at the same LMS platforms. We all seem to be convinced that the choice of an LMS "says something" about our institutions, and even our values.

When it comes to choosing our LMS, we all believe we made the right choice. If we switch we are smart. If we stay we are smart. If we go with an established vendor and long-term relationship we are wise. If we move to a new model with a new company and different technology we are innovative.

If we go for an open source solution we are investing our money in our community, or in our developers, and not paying for sales, marketing and profit. If we go with a proprietary system we are aligning incentives for product quality and support, knowing that company jobs and profits depend on product quality and service.

When it comes to the LMS, we have opinions.

The more time I spend in the LMS world the less I'm sure about what I know.  

The top 10 things that I don't know about the LMS, when I look across options of OpenClass and Blackboard, Sakai and Canvas, Moodle and Desire2Learn, include which platform has:

1. The Best User Experience

2. The Best Collaboration Tools

3. The Best Technology

4. The Best Reliability

5. The Best Support

6. The Best Mobile

7. The Best Analytics

8. The Best Company

9. The Best Value

10. The Best Future

Maybe you know the answers?


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